S3rial-killers Reborn V2 Exploit Released


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    hot tread S3rial-killers Reborn V2 Exploit Released

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    HERE THE MONSTER REALSED LOL Unlimited Bots Login Can Login with Any Bots Format With 87 Hard Hitting Boot Option Dc All Versions Of Messy Just In 15 Bots And Clients More Than 50 Bots That Depends On Your Connection Speed With Room Join And Boot Chat Room List With 5 Boot Option And 1 Click At Id In Chat Room List To U can Boot It With Any Boot Option With Room Graber & U Can Use Room List As A Multi Victim By Clicking Add Victim,Also Include Online Checker,Profiler,Login And Packs Delay,MultiOnline Checker,Ip Scanner,Proxy Checker,Webbrowser,Bot List Conveter,14 Radio Station,Mp3 & Cd Player,56 Anti Yahoo Sites Links,Mic Locker,Shout Box And Protected Safe List,Some Ip Tools With Kickass Iface And Flash Intros Coded By:S3rial-Killers.


    lol! lol!

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