Windows Vista Ultimate Unattended Lite



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    new Windows Vista Ultimate Unattended Lite

    Post by wong.kito on Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:48 pm

    256 MB RAM ( 512 Recommended Though, will run nice on 512 MB ,better than full Vista )
    4 GB free HDD space ( for vista installation only ),
    compatible graphics card if u want AERO theme working ( how ever a patch is appied to force AERO to run on unsupported Graphics Card, havent tested it though.),

    Installation is Fully Automated. Only one thing you will have to select is your Partition, rather than it..u wont need to select product key,language, or any other
    selection. Just set back and wait till 15 mins. you will see desktop within few mins. You have to make new installation. upgrade option is not available. WVLB132.part1.rar.html WVLB132.part2.rar.html WVLB132.part3.rar.html WVLB132.part4.rar.html WVLB132.part5.rar.html WVLB132.part6.rar.html WVLB132.part7.rar.html WVLB132.part8.rar.html[/center]

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