Windows XP Vista Lite 2009 v.2.5



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    new Windows XP Vista Lite 2009 v.2.5

    Post by wong.kito on Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:00 pm

    This Windows is activated
    support all PC and laptop
    add SATA, Realtek HD Audio, Intel INF Update
    Line5 = Internet Games
    Line10 = Music Samples
    Line11 = Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
    Line12 = Tablet PC
    Line14 = MSN Explorer
    Line15 = Windows Messenger
    Line17 = Color Schemes
    Line18 = Desktop Cleanup Wizard
    Line19 = Extra Fonts
    Line20 = File and Settings Wizard
    Line21 = Security Center
    Line22 = Tour
    Line24 = Extensible Authentication Protocol Service
    Line25 = Health Key and Certificate Management Service
    Line26 = IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    Line27 = Network Access Protection (NAP)
    Line28 = Wired AutoConfig

    After Install
    go to the path “C:\Windows\system32\” and del “ntkrnlpa.exe” file to view best bootscreen

    Download From Rapidshare: WXPVL2.5.part1.rar WXPVL2.5.part2.rar WXPVL2.5.part3.rar WXPVL2.5.part4.rar WXPVL2.5.part5.rar WXPVL2.5.part6.rar WXPVL2.5.part7.rar

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