Windows Vista Gamers Edition 2009



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    new Windows Vista Gamers Edition 2009

    Post by wong.kito on Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:04 pm

    Windows Vista Gamers Edition 2009| 1.4GB

    Windows Vista Gamers Edition 2009
    * Pre-Activated
    * No CD-KEY required
    * Passes all WGA checks
    * Removed over 3GB of bloatware from the installation
    * Removed all older and un-needed drivers
    * Disabled all un-needed services
    * Numerous tweaks
    * Only 1.4GB in size

    This a completely stripped down version of windows and will function and look exactly like a standard installation. Everything you normally use will work except it will be faster, use less memory, and have less CPU usage. This is how Vista SHOULD have been released!

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