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    hot tread Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009

    Post by wong.kito on Sat May 09, 2009 5:10 am

    Streets & Trips with GPS Locator helps you travel with complete confidence.
    Microsoft Streets And Trips 2008 with GPS Locator pairs the power of Streets & Trips, the #1 best-selling travel and map software,** with a sleek Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that connects through your computer’s USB port. With Streets & Trips 2008 with GPS Locator, you'll always know exactly where you are. Map your trip, plug the GPS receiver into your laptop, and go!


    # New! Stay on track, even when you miss a turn, with automatic re-routing.
    # Use the new perspective map view to get a view more like you would see through your windshield.
    # See your exact current location. Track your route in real-time in an easy-to-read Full Screen display with simple, easy to locate navigation buttons. Change to the special Night Map display with a single click of the button from the full screen map view.
    # Hear upcoming directions out loud as you go. Get real-time, voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions that let you know where your next turn is.
    # Easily see upcoming turns with an automatically zooming map that shows relevant details based on how close you are to your next turn.
    # Locate gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest closest to you as you go.
    # GPS Task Pane. Get important information fast, including driving speed, latitude and longitude coordinates, altitude, travel direction, and more.
    # Reverse your route with the click of a button. Quickly and easily retrace your route to get back home.
    # GPS Trail. Retrace your steps to quickly find your way back. GPS Trail shows exactly where you've been.

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