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    new HDD Temperature v4.0.15

    Post by wong.kito on Sun May 10, 2009 6:46 am

    The 4th generation of HDD Temperature has been re-designed and re-coded from the scratch for faster performance and smaller footprint than ever before.
    The new interface of HDD Temperature is geared towards users. It's simpler to use and easier to understand. All information about your hard drive is laid out conveniently by the drive letter.
    Detailed Report on Your Hard Drives
    All you ever wanted to know about your hard disks is fully disclosed by HDD Temperature 4. Learn about who manufactured your disk and when, the exact model number and the number of hours the disk has been used. Oh, and it monitors and reports the disks' temperatures, too!
    Supports All Kinds of Disks
    New-generation HDD Temperature supports all types of hard drives in a single tool, including IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI, and even USB.
    Basic Disk Health Control
    Prevent data loss due to hard disk failures! The updated HDD Temperature now reports basic information about the health of your hard disks, thus increasing data safety and storage reliability of your entire system. Detailed disk health reports are available with HDDlife, a dedicated disk health monitor.
    Easily Affordable
    HDD Temperature is priced to sell. Is $10 too high a price for peace of mind and safety of your data?

    Technical Information

    HDD Temperature 4 is easily usable even in limited user accounts, and does not require administrative privileges to run. It does not trigger Vista's UAC prompts, too!

    Size : 3.4 MB

    easy-share.com HDD.Temperature.v4.0.15.rar

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