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    hot tread Within Silence By Satma

    Post by dj.indri on Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:35 am

    Components :

    1- Ncc Cracker .
    2- Multi Password Changer .
    3- Join Room Option

    Important Notes !

    - After you're done with cracking , Save your cracked Y!IDs in a **** ******** , At Y!ID cracked list you can simply click on the name you cracked and the password will be changed ! , Click on Password changer to show it settings and choose the new password you want, Then click on the cracked name you got , You would like change up to 16 Y!Ds per time " This i will fix in the next update so you can change passes for like 100 Y!IDs " , Now after you changed the pass , Simply click on save in a **** ******** and you're done , You could also load a list of your own and just click on the name and it will be automatically changedto the password you choosen .
    - Room option , After you login , click on rooms and pic the room you want then click enter , After some seconds captcha will load up , Simply input it and hit enter , Do this as much as you want , After you're done with grabbing from rooms ,Click on copy , It will automatically move the grabbed names to crack list .
    - Tested on all sort of connections , Even on a wireless with 24.mbps and it kept running ! .
    - Again ! After you're finished cracking , Save the cracked Y!ID's in a list ******** before you use the password changer option ! .
    - If you have any question kindly ask so as well report any errors if there's any , This cracker will include more features in the near future with it updates , God bless you all , Satma .


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